Sprinklr Engagement Analyst Pro

Duration: 1h 10m
Create custom reports and dashboards and share them inside and outside of your organization.


Getting Started

Introduction to Engagement Analyst Pro

Navigate the Reporting Dashboards

Knowledge Check: Navigate the Reporting Dashboards

The Dashboard Manager

Knowledge Check: The Dashboard Manager

Create Effective Reports

Create Effective Reports - Introduction

Create a Widget

Knowledge Check: Create a Widget

Create a Reporting Dashboard

Knowledge Check: Create a Reporting Dashboard

Custom Metrics

Knowledge Check: Custom Metrics

Target Metrics

Knowledge Check: Target Metrics

Share Reports

Sharing Reports

Knowledge Check: Sharing Reports

Download Reports

Knowledge Check: Download Reports

Report Presentations

Knowledge Check: Report Presentations

Sprinklr Display for Reporting

Knowledge Check: Sprinklr Display for Reporting

Assessment and Feedback

Engagement Analyst Pro: Assessment

Feedback Survey


About this course

As an Analyst I use Sprinklr’s reporting for easily consumable & actionable insights as it centralizes data from all my social channels and accounts. With Reporting widgets I can customize, expand, and drill into metrics to discover what is and is not working, measure adherence to our KPIs and develop data derived strategies to continuously improve my brand’s performance.

Within Reporting Insights my data isn't segmented or difficult to track and compare across channels. I can see performance reporting for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many other social channels side-by-side. From Standard Dashboards that provide overviews of my ongoing Campaigns and social channel performance to custom widgets with infinite configuration options.

Sprinklr’s Reporting provides me with the data that's most relevant to my brand’s social media performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Create target and custom metrics
  • Create widgets
  • Create and share reports and dashboards

Learn all this along with some valuable context and application to make sure you get the most out of the Sprinklr Modern Research product.