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Sprinklr Modern Care Supervisor Pro


About this course

As a supervisor my main responsibility is to ensure that my team is staying productive and efficiently meeting all of our customer’s expectations in a timely manner. 

To monitor my team and report on their success 

  • I will use Sprinklr Modern Care Reporting to track my agents performance as it relates to operational time bound metrics to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible. 
  • I also use Sprinklr to track qualitative, experiential KPIs that are seen as critical to my senior leadership and the company’s bottom line.
  • I can regularly monitor productivity of my Agents and teams from within the Care Reporting Dashboard to ensure their caseload is distributed fairly and to ensure they are using their time wisely. 
  • I can use this data to identify the need to implement tools to help agents become more productive.
  • I will also use Care Reporting dashboards so I can analyze customer feedback to improve quality of service. 

Since I continually monitor dashboards focused on customer feedback, specifically their CSAT scores 

  • I can identify agents that may need additional support and provide specific feedback based on their case history.
  • I can also use these reports to identify trends and further develop best practices for agents based on positive feedback from customers at the case level.

Creating an audit cadence helps me ensure that all of our customers have a standardized experience regardless of the agents they interact with and overall improving the customer experience across our organization.

  • Within Sprinklr I can also periodically audit my agents and guide them to improve their performance and celebrate the success of the high functioning agents. 

Throughout this course you will learn about all of the tools which can help further strengthen your team and improve the customer experience.