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Master Customer Experience Management with deep-dive Unified CXM Certifications from Sprinklr experts.
If you are a new user, click on Create account using LinkedIn, Google or an email address of your choice. For an already existing account, click on Log in and enter your account credentials.
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Yes, you can display your certificates to LinkedIn post completion.
1. On your certificate, click on "Add to LinkedIn"
2. Click on "Go to LinkedIn" to authenticate your account
3. All the relevant information will be prefilled and editable.

Regarding Courses

Your course player window might have been open and unattended for a while which could cause this. Please make sure that duplicate course tabs are not open. Please refresh to set your cookies in order for the course progress to start updating. All your lessons upon complete have a green checkmark besides them. :)
You might be facing issues due to network and cached data abnormalities. Please follow the below steps -
1. Right click & Open Inspect
2. Locate Applications from the tabs in the top navigation bar
3. Locate Clear Storage from the left menu
4. Click on Clear Site Data
If the issue still persists, help us troubleshoot by sharing a screen recording with your Console window open so we can view the logs (Click Inspect -> Open Console).
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Upon completing all the lessons in your course (a green tick mark against all of them), close the Course player, and return to your product’s Description page to find a View Certificate button. Please refresh if you are unable to locate it right away.

Regarding Support

Please write to us at, and we will get back in touch with you shortly.
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