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Modern Marketing - Becoming a High Performing Marketer


About this course

Plan and execute campaigns based on top performing content that has historically resonated with audiences which ensures consistent increase on return of investment for campaign content.

Whether you’re new to your role or looking to build on your expertise, we'll take you through the key skills needed to plan and execute campaigns with an approach that is cost saving and brand compliant to Modern Marketing, including how to:

  • quickly identify top-performing content with AI and analytics and make it suitable for reuse across channels, markets or business units.
  • easily create custom versions of content and modify them to repurpose efficiently with Sprinklr’s clone and image edit capabilities.
  • localize the content as customers are engaged globally. This can be accomplished with an automated workflow that will assign the right people as well as associating the localized copies to the main copy.
  • ensure that repurposed content is compliant with usage rights and managing risk towards the brand by managing and viewing the usage rights of assets using filters