Sprinklr Marketing - Become an Agile Marketing Pro

Duration: 54m
Learn how to plan, produce, publish and analyze campaigns in an agile way while being able to reduce content production costs


Course Introduction

Plan Your Campaigns

Plan Your Integrated Campaigns

Collaborate on the Brief

Highlight Key Events

Share a Unified View of Campaigns

Review Your Campaign Assets

Build Your Content Plan

Share a Unified Calendar

Develop an Agile Campaign Plan

Manage Your Production Plan

Collaborate with Your Teams

Kickoff Content Production

Save Time in Content Production

Build Omnichannel Content

Produce Localized Versions

Review and Approve Content

Analyze and Share Your Success

Share Your Marketing Calendar

Share your Centralized Asset Repository

Measure your Performance and Iterate

Assessment + Evaluation

Agile Marketing Pro: Assessment

About this course

Plan, produce, publish and analyze campaigns in an Agile way while being able to reduce content production costs.

Whether you’re new to your role or looking to build on your expertise, we'll take you through the key skills needed to plan, produce, publish and analyze campaigns with Agile production and a cost saving approach to modern marketing, including how to:

  • leverage automated workflows and track milestones, due dates, team assignments, review and approval cycles for frequent iterations in production dashboards in order to streamline the whole marketing process and ultimately save time.

  • collaborate on marketing briefs all in one place, which breaks down silos across internal and external teams. Once the campaign strategy is ready to be shared, all stakeholders can have an overview of the key deliverables

  • use the workflow engine which supports the creation and definition of sequential, parallel, and feedback loop of tasks, such as the localization of content or approval requests, in a highly efficient and time-saving way.

  • Share the outcome of content using a unified global calendar, centralized asset management library, and an operational report which measures efficiencies. This is crucial to enhance and improve upon the teams’ productivity over time.