Sprinklr Insight: Brand Research

Duration: 31m
Brand Research


Introduction to Brand Research

Set Your Brands/Lines of Business

Knowledge Check: Set Your Brands/Lines of Business

Bulk Import Brands

Knowledge Check: Bulk Import Brands

Compare Content Strategy

Knowledge Check: Compare Content Strategy

Compare Paid Strategy

Knowledge Check: Compare Paid Strategy

Compare Care Strategy

Knowledge Check: Compare Care Strategy

Compare Executive Strategy

Knowledge Check: Compare Executive Strategy

Compare Influencer Strategy

Knowledge Check: Compare Influencer Strategy

Smart Content Campaign Intelligence Insights

Knowledge Check: Smart Content Campaign Intelligence Insights

Assessment + Feedback

Brand Research: Assessment

Feedback Survey


About this course

As a Research Analyst at a leading consumer packaged goods company, I need to be able to benchmark my brand performance versus that of my competitors. With my current point solutions and zero access to AI features, this is a daunting task. 

With Sprinklr, I can easily sync my brands and those of my competitors to benchmark share of voice, gain industry insights, and measure overall brand health.