Sprinklr Location Analyst Pro

Duration: 20m
Learn to add your business locations at scale, create dynamic categories for quick analysis within dynamic custom reports, identify pain points in the customer journey, and map your business location competitors.


Location Analyst: CX Research


Introduction to CX Research

Add a Business Location

Import Locations in Bulk

Set Up a Location Hierarchy

Discover Pain Points in the Customer Journey

Map Your Business Location Competitors

Assessment + Feedback

CX Research: Assessment

About this course

As a Location Analyst at a leading restaurant chain, I need to be able to create reports based on customer feedback, determine what people like and dislike about my locations, and be able to gauge customer experience of competitor locations to inform your own strategy. Historically, I’ve had to do this all manually--using point solution products that give incomplete pictures of our location feedback compared to competitors, compiling spreadsheets by hand from my various teams, and sifting through thousands of reviews on native channels that provide no automation or AI models to help. 

With Sprinklr, 

  • I am able to aggregate hundreds of reviews with thousands of insights at the location level which can be grouped by state, country or region, allowing me to reduce the cost of soliciting customer feedback. 

  • With centralized location insights across review channels, I can better understand my customer experience by examining customer feedback and optimize customer experience across touchpoints.

  • I need to report on and analyze how our business locations perform based on feedback from our customers.

  • I need to report on and analyze how our locations perform at the individual location level, but also report on all locations in a single city and country based upon feedback from our customers.