Sprinklr Marketing - Content Production Specialist

Duration: 17m
Learn how to stay aligned and consistent with campaign and brand guidelines in Sprinklr with the ability to collaborate and have quick access to campaign strategy such as the brie;, track tasks that are causing bottlenecks in the creation process; and ensure content is approved in a timely manner.
Collaborate Efficiently and Effectively



Review the Creative Brief

Track Content Production

Share and Review Content

Visibility on the Content Plan

Ensure Timely Approvals

Assessment + Evaluation

Content Production Specialist: Assessment

About this course

Optimize contextual collaboration on Brand Campaigns with different teams and align the content production alongside briefs and compliance guidelines in order to reduce the content production costs and protect the brand reputation.

Whether you’re new to your role or looking to build on your expertise, we'll take you through the key skills needed to align campaign production with brand guidelines for an approach that is cost saving and brand compliant in Sprinklr Marketing, including how to:

  • Review the creative brief and potentially add any suggestion in order to have a solid understanding of what is expected from the content production team. Sprinklr also gives insight into the contextual details and collaboration for the campaign.

  • Track individual tasks as well as the ones from your team in order to identify bottlenecks early and collaborate closely to get the work done. Sprinklr supports this with agile workflows and automation.

  • Share content with respective stakeholders for their review and visibility of the content and communication plans - across channels, teams and markets.

  • Ensure every piece of content is approved in a timely manner. Sprinklr supports this with dedicated approval workflows, AI-powered compliance checks and notifications.