Sprinklr Marketing - Become an Expert Marketing Strategist

Duration: 5m
Learn how to streamline campaign requests and build successful and compliant campaign strategy frameworks for brand protection and sales growth.
Become an Expert Marketing Strategist



Manage Campaign Requests

Assessment + Evaluation

Become an Expert Marketing Strategist: Assessment

About this course

Streamline requests for new campaigns and build a successful and compliant strategy framework for brand protection and sales growth. This is important to eliminate off-brand marketing and produce content that works well and drives more sales respectively. In the past, requests have been managed manually in multiple different tools, disconnected from data insights, leading to a lack of transparency, redundant, siloed planning, and non-compliant campaigns that don’t resonate with the audience.

Whether you’re new to your role or looking to build on your expertise, we'll take you through the key skills needed to streamline request and build frameworks with an approach that is growing sales and brand compliant to Sprinklr Marketing, including how to:

  • Manage all incoming campaign and content requests or ideas in the same platform where the marketing team is also planning, producing, publishing and analyzing their activities.

  • Organize and coordinate the approval of the requested marketing initiative with an effective collaborative approach.