Modern Advertising: Ads Execution

Duration: 1h 8m
Learn to streamline the creation of your Ad Campaigns with the omni-channel Ads Composer using Sprinklr value add features to ensure efficiency and consistency across teams.
Modern Advertising: Ads Execution

Introduction to Ads Execution

Boost Posts from the Engagement Dashboards

Knowledge Check: Boost Posts from the Engagement Dashboards

Configure Auto-Boost Rules

Knowledge Check: Configure Auto-Boost Rules

Create Ad Campaign

Knowledge Check: Create Ad Campaign

Import in Bulk

Knowledge Check: Import in Bulk

Configure Web Analytics + DCM

Knowledge Check: Configure Web Analytics + DCM

Ad Approvals

Knowledge Check: Ad Approvals

One-Click Ad Buys

Knowledge Check: One-Click Ad Buys

Manage Ad Campaigns

Knowledge Check: Manage Ad Campaigns

Clone/Create Ads & Ad Sets

Knowledge Check: Clone/Create Ads & Ad Sets

Assessment + Feedback

Ads Execution: Assessment

Feedback Survey


About this course

As a Media Practitioner Pro you must overcome dealing with a half-dozen social channels, each with a disparate campaign creation process and limited reporting.

Whether you’re new to your role or looking to build on your expertise, we'll take you through the key skills needed to create Ad Campaigns across channels at scale, including how to:

  • Boost posts from Engagement Dashboards
  • Fully automate the boosting process with the Rule Engine
  • Leverage the omni-channel Ads Composer to create Ad Campaigns
  • Create Ad Campaigns at scale with the bulk importer
  • Configure and apply Web Analytics and DCM integration to your Ads
  • Set up and enforce an Ads approval path
  • Buy Ads with 1 Click
  • Easily manage and optimize your Campaigns at scale with the Ads Manager
  • Use cloning options to quickly create new Ads or Ad Sets

Learn all this along with some valuable context and application to make sure you get the most out of the Sprinklr Modern Advertising product.