Sprinklr Marketing: Ads Optimization

Duration: 21m
Learn to maximize your return on Ad spend with AI-powered real time optimizations.
Modern Advertising: Ads Optimization


Introduction to Ads Optimization

Introduction to Strategy Groups

Pacing Control

Create a Strategy Group

Smart Budget Allocation

Smart Bidding

Strategy Groups for Ad Variants

Smart Ads Rotation

Stop Loss

Smart Rules

Assessment + Feedback

Ads Optimization: Assessment

About this course

As a Media Practitioner Pro you must overcome the lack of native AI optimization features on native channels and having no cross-channel capabilities.

Whether you’re new to your role or looking to build on your expertise, we'll take you through the key skills needed to easily optimize using AI for maximum return on Ad spend, including how to:

  • Create and Apply Strategy Groups to leverage AI-powered optimization for your Campaigns, including:

  • Pacing Control

  • Smart Budget Allocation

  • Smart Bidding

  • Smart Ads Rotation

  • Stop Loss

  • Leverage Smart Rules to make automatic optimizations to Campaigns to drive maximum efficiency

Learn all this along with some valuable context and application to make sure you get the most out of the Sprinklr Modern Advertising product.