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Sprinklr Product Analyst Pro


About this course

As a Product Analyst at a leading consumer packaged goods company, I need to be able to create reports based on product feedback, determine what people like and dislike about my products, and be able to mitigate risk of new entrants in the market by tracking real time insights against competitors. 

Historically, I’ve had to do this all manually--using point solutions that give incomplete pictures of our product feedback compared to competitors, compiling spreadsheets by hand from my various teams, and sifting through thousands of reviews on native channels that provide no automation or AI models to help. 

With Sprinklr, 

  • I am able to aggregate hundreds of reviews with thousands of insights at the brand and SKU level, allowing me to reduce the cost of soliciting customer feedback.
  • With centralized product insights across review channels, I can discover new product ideas, be alerted to product crises, and benchmark against competitors, all while unifying disparate teams with easily distributed reports.