Sprinklr Service Agent Pro

Duration: 1h 10m
Learn to deliver the fastest and most efficient customer service experience by maximizing your SLA with case auto-assignment, canned responses, omni-channel chat, integrated customer authentication, and brand-wide collaboration.




Prioritized, Personal Responses

Work Smarter and Better

About this course

As a service agent, I am tasked with resolving the ever increasing volume of new cases on any given day while simultaneously ensuring my customers have a positive experience. Luckily, Sprinklr provides me the tools to do my job efficiently and effectively.

To consistently deliver a superior customer experience it is important that I can quickly identify the most impactful customer issues to prioritize my efforts against. Sprinklr helps me manage and prioritize my workload by directing me to the exact cases that need my immediate focus.

As I begin to work a case, it is important that 

  • I am able to respond quickly and with accuracy. Sprinklr helps me do this by serving up the most appropriate response by using AI-Powered Smart Responses to reduce resolution time and improve response quality and consistency.

  • I am able to personalize the conversation as I continue to engage with my customers to improve the overall quality of the interaction. Through personalization I can relate to the customer and provide them a high quality experience. Sprinklr helps me accomplish this by providing a consolidated, personalized view of past conversation history as well as an understanding of the customer’s journey to date across other channels.

  • I need to display empathy towards dissatisfied customers in order to gain trust and earn their loyalty, ultimately improving their overall experience. I do this in Sprinklr by using emojis and gifs, surfacing relevant promotional offers and providing them avenutes to share their positive experience.